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This Week in Janice: Email Roundup

3 Sep

Janice enjoys her afternoon tea

Subj: summer songs!!

Okay, so I went on your blog this AM (because I can not can not get “The Dark Knight” CD to play on my computer???!!!) and I HAVE TO VOTE FOR 30H!3 for the amusing Mad Hatter/Johnny Depp videos. How adorable and cheap looking. Molly is right though, I had already read that Lady Gaga’s “Alejandro” was the summer song this year. I think that Lady Gaga should have done a Beach video starring Alejandro, Roberto, and Fernando. Obviously, she had an excellent vacation on the Costa del Sol or someplace. The song is so NOT Nazis, Nuns, a soupcon of Knights Templar and nude colored underwear. Ah, well, it is all marketing with her…

I suggest next year you revisit Pitchfork and we get TIME to pay to send me to the following for a contrasting festival report, featuring that famous rock group, Toothless Mary:

Whadda U think? Is it a go?

I am beginning to appreciate YouTube,
Take care, Love, MOM

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All by myself (don’t wanna be)

19 Jul

Molly is birthday-ing in Georgia, which leaves me to man the blog all by myself for an entire week.  What should I write about?

Here are some options:

'Willis' my ass

'Willis' my ass

1. Why Bruno wasn’t funny
2. I could have sworn Walter Cronkite was already dead
3. Central Park exercise etiquette, or: why weekend cyclists are total dickslaps
4. If my 3-day-old Chinese food is still edible
5. If I should be amused or horrified by the fact that astronauts left discarded food containers on the moon.
6. The startling accuracy of the tagline to Lindsay Lohan’s made-of-TV movie, Labor Pains
7. Why I’m pretty sure that this is Marc’s fault
8. I keep wanting to write about polio so that I can tag every post “polio” and make this the most popular polio-related blog on the Internet, but Molly won’t let me
9. The Willis Tower
10. My dog runs away from her own poop

Either/Or With Marc pt. IV

16 May

Marc sent me a package in the mail yesterday and for once it wasn’t covered in his own urine. So I’ll be listening to his 2-CD set of jazz classics (which he kindly titled “The Education of a Fool”) and I’ll let you know what I think. Until then, Marc is going to tell you what HE thinks. That’s right. It’s time for this week’s Either/Or with Marc.

that poor child has Marc as his uncle

that poor child has Marc as his uncle

The name Marc vs. the name Mark

First of all, I’m quite clearly better than anyone with the name Mark. With that said, my parents really dropped the ball on this one. After naming my brother Erik, not Eric, they decided to keep the trend alive with me. Or, my mom’s side is French. You pick. Sure, it can be nice to be different and have an uncommon name. It can also be nice to not have your name misspelled your whole life. And that’s not even your fault, it’s mine for having a ‘c’ instead of a ‘k’. Marc hasn’t stopped anyone from calling me Marky Mark for 20 years and it did cause my 3rd grade teacher to call me a liar when I said my name wasn’t actually Marcus. Give me that special K.
Claire’s note: This is the saddest thing I’ve ever heard. I mean, after Darfur.

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