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If you have to be at work for 24 hours….

29 Jul

…you might as well be working on a piece about this concert?

I think George Harrison is my favorite Beatle.  Even though he’s the “quiet one” and I’m not.


Hand Fame

23 Feb

Somehow*, Claire and I got on the topic of that red carpet magazine party she went to a few years ago.  You know, the one where she made out with Lou Reed or whatever.  Anyway, she was bemoaning the fact that her photo slaves peeps never found a photo of the two of them from it.  I, being the superior investigative journalist, decided to do some digging.  Ladies and gentlemen of the blaudience (that means blog-audience), I give you….Claire’s hand.




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NEW SERIES: Today, Journalism Equals…

15 Jun

Claire's article is #1!  Buuut it's on Keanu.Welcome to our new blog series, called “Today Journalism Equals…”, inspired by, as usual, the following IM conversation between Claire and myself.

Molly:  today, journalism = photoshopping popular celeb haircuts on our anchors
Claire: hahahahahah

I didn’t say it was a LONG conversation.  Welcome to the wonderful world of morning television and general interest news-magazines.  Here’s what Journalism Equals for us today… Continue reading

Do They Make Movies About What YOU Do For A Living?

1 Jun

Well..maybe they do.  There are a lot of movies.  But now there is one about producing morning TV!  Look, Rachel  McAdams makes no money and has no life and is always stressed–aren’t you JEALOUS?!

Terrorists: They’re Just Like Us!

6 May

from nypost.com

They take out the trash!  They hail a taxi!  They hate Times Square too! 

Ahem.  So, the cover of this morning’s New York Post is an EXCLUSIVE photo of times-square-would-be-pathfinder-bomber Faisal Shahzad’s room in Connecticut, which basically consists of an air mattress and a bare desk.  I think the purpose of the photos is to show the obvious link between the temporary nature of his minimalist habitat and his alleged terrorist leanings.  He doesn’t even have a bed frame!  Instead, Faisal’s pad just kind of reminds me of my first four apartments… 

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18 Aug

claireIn celebration of Claire’s 27th birthday, here are 27 things we “love” about Claire.


Reporting contributed by Alyssa and Mazall.

  1. Her mom.
  2. The fact that she would like to have a destructive, emotionally stunted relationship with Don Draper from Mad Men…
  3. …But she also secretly loves America’s Next Top Model.
  4. Her affinity for things named “Molly.”
  5. Her dog’s affinity for licking dirty underwear.
  6. She’s a WASP and she knows/likes it.
  7. Her tireless coverage of important things like Facebook and Twitter.
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Fictional Employment

11 Aug
Oh deer!

Oh deer!

By the very real Dan Luzer

JournalismJobs is a website (Molly’s note:  and an oxymoron) that lists job openings for “employment” in the journalism “industry”. It’s sort of a hit or miss website. In general, the site contains a lot of internship opportunities and also a lot of jobs where it’s obvious that they don’t hire from JournalismJobs. I mean, I’m pretty sure local papers hire locally. But whatever; it’s always interesting to picture yourself working somewhere you’ve never even heard about: Garwin, Iowa.

Well, that’s a possibility, I guess.

One posting that I saw looked really interesting, however: Continue reading