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Tuesday Sports Roundup: D-Wade’s socks, Obama’s Sox and, uh, teeth.

21 Apr

d-wadeLet’s start with the NBA: Claire and I recently made separate but equally bad purchases which, long story short, led me to watch Dwyane Wade’s fitness videos on the Pepperidge Farm Goldfish website. In an effort to get fat kids off the couch, D-Wade has brilliantly “invented” two “sports” that even unrealistically multicultural groups of children can play. The first one is sort-of like basketball (surprise!), but instead of a hoop you use a small white boy (Claire correctly notes that this is more helpful than white guys normally are when it comes to hoops). And the second activity is cleverly titled “Bouncy Sock” but required you to play hacky sack with D-Wade’s dirty laundry. Both of these activities are sure to get you no where near the NBA, but after an hour they should burn off at least 10% of the suggested serving size of Flavor Blasted Xplosive Pizza Goldfish. If I were a fat kid, I’d rather stay inside and watch the Heat/Hawks playoffs. So maybe D-Wade knows what he’s doing after all… Continue reading


Franklin Roosevelt, Dead Pets and Pigeon Sex

24 Mar

1. I can’t open the lid on my jar of strawberry-raspberry jam. I turned and squeezed and yanked and pulled for at least 15 minutes. I used one of those rubber jar opener things. I ran it under water. I yelled at it. My hands were sore and the lid would not budge but I refused to give up. But then…I gave up. If I starve to death, I blame the commercial canning process.

2. Why do people invite me to “events” on Facebook that occur in other cities? I have not lived in Nashville for a year and a half but even if I did, I wouldn’t go to your weekly trip-hop dubstep DJ spinning gig at the 24-hour pierced-nose and clothes-attached-with-safety-pins coffeeshop that I frequented when I was 19. Stop inviting me.

3. How come Nick has both a scooter and a cell phone that takes photos and yet I STILL have not received a photo of him on the scooter?

4. I did once have a hamster named Caligula! It’s true. She died a natural death. Other pets I have had are: Abu the dog (heart failure) Jack the dog (kidney failure) Pepper the dog (toe cancer) Sweetie Pie the horse (yes, the previous one said toe cancer) Firefox the horse (I JUST realized that he has the same name as my Internet browser) Thunder the hamster (old age) Patches the hamster (eaten by dogs) Splotches the hamster (also eaten by dogs) Jennifer the goldfish (never eaten) Blackie the goldfish (had no eyes) Princess the goldfish (upside down floating victim) and Barack Obama.

5. Why am I STILL sick? Two weeks ago, I was pretty sure I was going to die. I’m not dying anymore, now I’m just functionally ill. Molly says that it’s pigeon mating season and that I’m probably allergic to pigeon sex (see? Now her previous entry makes sense) but something (logic) tells me that’s probably not true. A better answer: I have polio.

6. There is no way in hell FDR and Elenor Roosevelt ever had sex.