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6 Aug

So, Facebook has this “feature” that, apparently, I’m the last to discover.  When you’re stalking someone on someone’s page, you can click a link and get taken to an e-summary of your relationship.  This summary is based solely on Facebook activity between the two of you.

According to Mr. Zuckerberg, Claire and I have been friends since August of 2007, although I didn’t like her until May 2008.  I know this because I still have the ballot from when we voted on it (inside joke!).

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Notes from the Dog-walker

19 May

Is it the present day and are we still alive?


Then it’s time for a NEW blog series!!!

Every day, Claire’s dog walker leaves a note detailing that day’s walk with Aggy*.  We now take it upon ourselves to create better notes than the ones he leaves reprint them here.

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18 Aug

claireIn celebration of Claire’s 27th birthday, here are 27 things we “love” about Claire.


Reporting contributed by Alyssa and Mazall.

  1. Her mom.
  2. The fact that she would like to have a destructive, emotionally stunted relationship with Don Draper from Mad Men…
  3. …But she also secretly loves America’s Next Top Model.
  4. Her affinity for things named “Molly.”
  5. Her dog’s affinity for licking dirty underwear.
  6. She’s a WASP and she knows/likes it.
  7. Her tireless coverage of important things like Facebook and Twitter.
  8. Those amazing, almost otherworldly, tan lines. Continue reading

This Week in Janice: Motherly Advice

28 May

So Molly and Mazall got apartment-mugged. Some dude broke into their apartment, ruined all their butter knives and stole Molly’s computer. Molly doesn’t have access to the Internet anymore, which means that Molly doesn’t have access to the blog, which means that Molly is relying on me to update, which means that there will be no new content on here for at least a month.
Actually, that’s not true. I’ve been half-assedly (it’s totally a word, don’t question it) coming up with ideas and then never following through on them for weeks now. Weeks. So now that Molly needs me, all I have to do is search through my email and whip out the belated genius. Like this: An advice column starring Janice.

Janice's dog, Teddy

Janice's dog, Teddy

Janice is a wonderful mother. Not only did she raise me to near perfection but she did it while wearing a nightgown. No, seriously. If you meet my mother in her natural environment (at home), there is a 75% chance that she will be wearing a nightgown, no matter what time of day it is. She cooks gourmet food, gives really good advice, and she has the emotional tolerance of a crocodile. Also, she is ALWAYS on drugs. What more could a daughter ask for?
Obviously, my friends wanted Janice as their own mother and so I let them seek her motherly advice. What follows below is like a Dear Abby column, but with more grammatical errors.

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