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Either/Or with Marc…third installment

27 Apr
Marky Marc

Marky Marc

Marc is Claire’s friend (as he so annoyingly reminds us below.  barf) but I have taken over the question-asking this weekend, as Claire is too busy eating Mexican pork with her father.  Here goes…

Detroit or Wall Street?

Marc: Detroit isn’t much more than riots, poverty, cars and bad professional sports. Wall Street is known for money and greed, and plenty of both. Both of these entities share responsibility for the disposing of our economy, quite nicely I might add. Wall Street did it in such a slick, Gordon Gecko sort of way that you almost have to admire their complete lack of morals and utter sleaziness. Detroit on the other hand, well, it’s hard to admire a city that burns itself down every six months. Motor City loses, like it always does.

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Casual Fridays (alternate title: Bad Idea Jeans)

27 Mar

jeansSo much to say about this topic, so little time left on the 12:30 conference call. (Unlike Claire, I know how to multi-task).

Here’s the theory: I’ve noticed four basic groups of casual Friday goers and anything that can be broken into categories intrigues me.

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