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A Toast, to Benito Juárez

5 May

 By Dan Luzer

Cinco de Mayo is one of those word combinations that practically demands an exclamation point. Because you know you’re going to get drunk on vaguely foreign—though ultimately nonthreatening—beverages and you know it’s going to be so… much…fun.

The trouble with this holiday is that no one quite knows why they are celebrating it. It’s not a real holiday but it’s also not one of those ambiguously historic pseudo-holidays where you still had to go to school but at least someone explained what Presidents’ Day or Martin Luther King Day was all about. Continue reading


I’m too tired to come up with a headline

27 Mar

Wow, so apparently Molly has a lot more free time than I do. How did she figure out how to add pictures? I have no idea how to do that. I bet Evan could tell me, he knows everything. Evan! How do you add pictures? Hey, Evan! Evan evan evan. EVAN Evaaaannnnnnn.
I think he’s ignoring me.
I can’t write a real entry because it’s 11 pm and I still have to read the second half of a book about (redacted) so I can interview (redacted) in the morning about why in the world anyone would want to (redacted).
Instead, I will leave you with some thoughts that have made their way through my incredibly vapid, blond mind within the past few days.
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