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Once again, Fridays with Evan

3 Apr

wizWhen Claire and I try to answer our own questions, this is what happens:

Molly: also i burned my hand on potato leek soup
Claire: ….did you stick your hand in the soup?
Molly: no it fell out of the ladle onto my hand
Claire: dang!
Molly: it burns
Claire: that’s hot soup
Molly: it was REALLY hot, and it just sat there, eating my flesh.
ironic, since i was going to eat it
Claire: you injure yourself a lot with various food/drink mishaps
Molly: i know. do burns cause wrinkles?
Claire: i don’t think so
Molly: also, potatoes should never be heated this hot
Claire: although it dries out your skin
why was the soup so hot?
Molly: another good questions
Claire: wait….in my mind, you were heating up the soup
Molly: also, i had to do this quick nasty move where i just smeared the soup all over my hand and arms to make it less hot because there were no napkins.
no, this was out of a pot
Claire: did you not heat up the soup? did it come that hot?
Molly: with a ladle
Claire: oooh
Molly: in the cafeteria
subsidized soup
i should sue
Claire: you should!

Yep. Point is, it’s a good thing Evan came back because, obviously, our questions aren’t going to answer themselves. Evan explains why Claire is white and why beer helmets are healthy, post-jump. Continue reading


For the record

1 Apr

Claire writes about sports, too.

By default, I am our weblog’s sports expert. My apologies in advance.

24 Mar

Recently I’ve become, shall we say, disillusioned with journalism and any future career I may have in it, which apparently involves Twitter. (Claire, on the other hand, is already headed for at least one lawsuit Pulitzer). Which is why last night, instead of writing for the best economy site in the world, I spent hours watching old ESPN “This is Sportscenter” commercials. I love everything about these commercials, even when I don’t get them or when the audio doesn’t quite match up to the video. I have concluded that coming up with them is the best job ever (aside from Tim Geithner’s, obvi).

And so our weblog’s first list commences.

Top 5 “This is Sportscenter” commercials:

#5 – Andy Roddick Nickname. Stu’s smirk at the end is perrrrrfect.

Continue reading