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Best of the Decade: Movies

18 Jan

Ummm, it’s not too late for this, right?  Eh, who cares.  By Tyler Hartsook.

About a month ago, Molly asked me if I would pick the 10 best movies of the decade. Seemed like a no-brainer as I watch about four movies a week, most of which turn out to be turds. With that many stinkers under my belt, it should be fairly simple to pick out 10 great movies. What I realized after a little research is that the 00’s have produced some amazing movies. After scribbling down a list as a starting point, I was well over 60 movies. At a crossroads with how to approach this (and Molly yelling at me for every idea I had on how to structure it) I decided that I was going to title this list as the “10 Movies I Couldn’t Wait to See Again”. Some of these might not even make other Top 50 lists, but you also won’t see those snooty films people feel obligated to like because everyone says they’re “genius”. It pained me to have to leave some brilliant films behind (Eternal Sunshine and City of God for example), but everyone has those lists. Oh, and I am avoiding the whole “brief synopsis” thing — if you haven’t seen these movies you don’t deserve a breakdown. Continue reading


Because the real Thursday Styles is pathetic.

26 Mar
getty images/nytimes

getty images/nytimes

The New York Times‘s Style section is probably the worst part about any given Thursday. I’m not the only one who feels this way. Their “editors” have inexplicable enthusiasm for the the silliest, most obvious things (ties are in! No money for Botox!) and a serious knack for forecasting trends you never, ever hear about again (people will accessorize with band-aids! Face Yoga!). Look at today’s main story for example: Robot Clothes!

From the Times:

The futuristic look of yesteryear is everywhere you turn, from the catwalks to the big screen and beyond…

Except no, it’s not. You know where people aren’t wearing metallic unitards and “steely man-cuffs”? IN REAL LIFE. Ugh! A much better article would have been why robots dress like Amish women.