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All By Myself (I Want to Be)

11 May

Molly and Mazall are out of town, which means that for 36 hours I have the apartment to myself. Solitude is a rare treat in New York—there are people with you on the subway, people with you on the sidewalk, people with you in a cab (the cab driver!), people with you at work, people with you at restaurants, people with you at bars, people waiting in line before you in restrooms, and when you come home at night there are people waiting for you with complaints about boys and requests for a manicure.  One of these people is probably wearing stretch pants.

So when you find yourself alone, you really have to take advantage of it. I only have 36 hours to myself and so far most of those hours have been taken up by sleep and/or work.  But I’m using the few remaining hours to their fullest.  Here are some things I’ve been doing, re-inacted by the dog, Aggy*

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Video Daily Double

1 Jun

Drew goes national on our morning show!  Can’t decide which is more impressive:  that he managed to wake up at 5AM on a Saturday or that a salesman at J.Crew recognized him not 3 hours after the show…

(By the way, donating Drew did wonders for my CBS street cred.  If possible, I am even cooler than I once was.  Too bad it didn’t help in the whole “robbery” department…)

Fridays with Evan, redux

1 May

A Friday with Evan

A Friday with Evan

“It’s been a long time,
we shouldn’t have left you
without a dope beat
to step to…”

— Aaliyah ft. Timbaland, Try Again

Claire: What happened to last week’s Fridays with Evan?

Evan: This and this. Not that doing a story on energy drinks kept me in the field and archives for a whole week, but due to the ongoing collapse of our entire industry, Seed‘s having me toil in the Interweb Mines a lot more than usual. I’ve also got a piece I’m editing on adiabatic quantum computers, and one on baby brains due up next week (Preview: they are both delicious).

Molly: Zeitgeist The Movie said there is no law that I have to pay income tax. I’d like to drink the kool-aid but can’t figure out how to get them to stop taking it out of my paycheck? Continue reading

This Week in Janice: **BREAKING NEWS ALERT***

29 Apr

Drew and I have been having a grand ol’ time bridging the music divide — a post on that will come shortly — but in the mean time, I wanted to update you on the dire swine flu situation going on in the Chicago suburbs.

Claire & Janice

Claire & Janice

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This Week in Janice: Health & Wellness Edition

25 Apr

Janice in 1968

Janice in 1968

So my dad is in town and we go to a bar. Janice calls. Then we go to a restaurant. Janice calls again. Then we go to another bar where we drink scotch and judge people (sidenote: MY DAD IS SO MUCH FUN). Janice calls a third time. This is unusual for her — we’re not telephone people and I haven’t spoken to her in two weeks — so when she leaves me two voicemails, I listen to them to make sure they’re not about something important. When I get home, I find that she has also sent me an email. First, the messages.
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