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Today in Journalism…

25 Jul

Co-worker: Are you shooting in Columbus Circle today?

Me:  I was planning on it, why?

Co-worker: Gigantic smurf in the middle!  You will be able to shoot around it. Continue reading


Today in Journalism

14 Jul

Every now and then, reporters need help rounding out their stories, especially on deadline.    Maybe you are doing a story on Harry Potter, and you need some sort of  anthropologist to talk about the generation of kids who grew up with the franchise.  So, you’d send out a request to a bunch of PR people, and hope that someone out there knows someone else who can help.  Or, maybe this happens: Continue reading

Alyssa: Anything BUT Status Quo

2 Jun
Alyssa's new status message: NOT SINGLE TONIGHT!

Alyssa's new status message: NOT SINGLE TONIGHT!

Status messages on Gmail or Facebook (wait, shouldn’t Claire be writing this?) reveal a lot about a person.  Everyone has their own style, their own unique way of telling the world what’s up.  Claire’s typically have to do with me (UGH MOLLY!) or journalism (reading about pampered pets for a Q&A tomorrow. Question one: WTF? Question two: Stop it).   Drew’s are either rap lyrics or hilarious (Drew…is gonna go shirtless with a cold one in the driveway. You think property values are down now? Just you wait).  Mazall’s are foreign and minimalistic (le sigh), while Mene’s and Evan’s just never change.  Ever.

But no one compares to Alyssa.  Those lucky enough to see her name at the left side of their Gmail screen are given SERIOUS access to Alyssa’s brain, for good or for bad, because nothing is off-limits.  A random sampling of Alyssa’s topical range…. Continue reading