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Best of the Decade: Movies

18 Jan

Ummm, it’s not too late for this, right?  Eh, who cares.  By Tyler Hartsook.

About a month ago, Molly asked me if I would pick the 10 best movies of the decade. Seemed like a no-brainer as I watch about four movies a week, most of which turn out to be turds. With that many stinkers under my belt, it should be fairly simple to pick out 10 great movies. What I realized after a little research is that the 00’s have produced some amazing movies. After scribbling down a list as a starting point, I was well over 60 movies. At a crossroads with how to approach this (and Molly yelling at me for every idea I had on how to structure it) I decided that I was going to title this list as the “10 Movies I Couldn’t Wait to See Again”. Some of these might not even make other Top 50 lists, but you also won’t see those snooty films people feel obligated to like because everyone says they’re “genius”. It pained me to have to leave some brilliant films behind (Eternal Sunshine and City of God for example), but everyone has those lists. Oh, and I am avoiding the whole “brief synopsis” thing — if you haven’t seen these movies you don’t deserve a breakdown. Continue reading


Life is still hard, for Mazall

4 Apr

life-is-hardFor some of us, life is easy.  For Mazall, life is hard.  A collection of complaints from the past week:

March 29th, 5:50 PM
mazall: but when i save netflixes to watch with you, you never end up
watching them
you’re not there for me
life is hard

March 30th, 2:00 PM
mazall:  omg someone should make undies that say “YES YOU CAN” on the crotch
life is NOT hard
when i think of great ideas

March 30th, 2:52 PM
ugh i read some of that book last night and just tallied my debt
life is HARD
I need to marry someone rich

March 31st, 3:05PM
mazall: damnit i forgot my gym clothes.  life is hard.

April 3rd, 12:41PM
mazall: where is life is hard with mazall hmmmm?
me: that’s on Saturdays
mazall: no way! friday
I WANT IT ON FRIDAY! life is hard sigh

April 3rd, 5:50 PM
mazall: tous che
life is hard
molly:  touché

April 3rd, 5:13 PM
mazall:  i wish i had been alive in the 60’s so i could have slept with jimi hendrix
life is hard
and then raised our mixed race love child

I’m too tired to come up with a headline

27 Mar

Wow, so apparently Molly has a lot more free time than I do. How did she figure out how to add pictures? I have no idea how to do that. I bet Evan could tell me, he knows everything. Evan! How do you add pictures? Hey, Evan! Evan evan evan. EVAN Evaaaannnnnnn.
I think he’s ignoring me.
I can’t write a real entry because it’s 11 pm and I still have to read the second half of a book about (redacted) so I can interview (redacted) in the morning about why in the world anyone would want to (redacted).
Instead, I will leave you with some thoughts that have made their way through my incredibly vapid, blond mind within the past few days.
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