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Diversity Training with Drewpreme, Style edition

9 Apr

drewpTo demonstrate that diversity training goes both ways, Drew and I will now educate each other on controversial topics. And by controversial topics I mean clothes. After all, Drew has more in common with his twiggy, fashionista co-workers than they might suspect. He’s the only man I know that travels to another borough to get his “wig tightened” and he has more accessories than a Claire’s boutique. I, on the other hand, simply dress well by wearing the opposite of whatever Mazall wears (sorry, babe, but this is punishment for refusing to have my child). But even two style-conscious mavens like Drew and myself stop dead in our well-heeled tracks to contemplate certain fashion trends we don’t understand. Thankfully, we’ve got each other to help sort it all out.

Drew: So, Molly, what’s with the proliferation of ballet shoe footwear as fashion? I mean seriously, these cannot be good for logging miles in the urban jungle…

Molly: Au contraire, mon Drewpreme. These shoes are actually PERFECT for the commute. They are adorable and comfortable, and you can wear them to work OR switch into heels when you get there. You must agree that there is nothing worse than wearing big ol’ commuter sneakers with an otherwise chic work outfit (sorry, Alyssa).

Drew: HRUMPH. The chicks that wear ballet shoes look like the only walking they do is to catch a cab. But you make a point. The slouch socks and Sketchers with a suit is not what’s hot on the streets. Continue reading


Diversity Training with Drewpreme

26 Mar
Classy and Sassy

Classy and Sassy

In order to keep Drew off the streets, we like to invite him to our apartment in Harlem. Mainly, we get “schooled” on keeping it real. Drew offers a wealth of knowledge and commentary that helps us become well-rounded people, like “Just because Ghostface says it doesn’t mean you can” or “What’s up with your shoes?” Plus, when we wear big sunglasses, people think he is our bodyguard. Fame! Anyway, Drew will be guest DJ-ing this Saturday night at Cafe 50 West with “his man” Jay-Cee. Obviously, we will be there, but more importantly, I have song requests. And in my never-ending quest to completely outsource this blog, I’m asking Drew for an analysis of my selections. What do these songs say about me, a pensive and introspective white girl?

My requests:

Baby Love by the Supremes. This has been in my head for a while.
Friends in Low Places by Garth Brooks. Even Gangsters love this song, right?
For Once In My Life by Stevie Wonder.
American Boy by Estelle ft. Kanye West. PLEASE I can’t help it. I love it, plus you can do that “I’m dancing but not really dancing just twisting my hips and being nonchalant” dance to it.
Bossy by Kelis. Am I lame for still REALLY liking this song?
I Wanna Dance with Somebody by Whitney Houston. best. song. ever.
Single Ladies by Beyonce, clearly. But before you dismiss me as a top 40 parasite, this is mainly so I can see Mazall do the dance.

(Drew has also ranked the likelihood that he will play these songs, on a scale from one to 10. One being “I will lose all the black street cred I have if I play this in front of anyone besides you” and 10 being “you’re pretty fly for a white girl.” )

The Drewnalysis, after the jump

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