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While we are on the subject of cats and creeps…

4 May


Yes, the picture to the right is a little blurry.  But I’m no Ansel Adams (especially not on a shaky crosstown bus when my only “camera” is on my blackberry.  Also, I don’t like nature).  What you are looking at is a woman with the word “ugh” tattooed on her ankle, above a picture of a quirky cat.


The whole point of this word is its snarkiness.  Its cynicism.  We who utter it possess a simultaneous acceptance and rejection of whatever lemons life may hand.  But when you put this sacred word above felix the cat, in permanent ink, ON YOUR BODY, I feel like it loses some of its meaning.  Unless this woman was doing a little point/counterpoint exercise:

Point: Ugh, I’m single
Counterpoint: This cat fetish is the reason why.

(P.S. No, this is not Mazall.  She has slightly better shoe taste)



24 Apr
this next song is called "cat nip for mr. tumkins"

this next song is called "cat nip for mr. tumkins"

Ugly people can sing!

(But….they’re still ugly)