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18 Aug

claireIn celebration of Claire’s 27th birthday, here are 27 things we “love” about Claire.


Reporting contributed by Alyssa and Mazall.

  1. Her mom.
  2. The fact that she would like to have a destructive, emotionally stunted relationship with Don Draper from Mad Men…
  3. …But she also secretly loves America’s Next Top Model.
  4. Her affinity for things named “Molly.”
  5. Her dog’s affinity for licking dirty underwear.
  6. She’s a WASP and she knows/likes it.
  7. Her tireless coverage of important things like Facebook and Twitter.
  8. Those amazing, almost otherworldly, tan lines. Continue reading

Every Now and Then with Evan

12 Jun
This happened in the South.

Evan got hot nuts in the South.

So, sometimes Claire and I have to work on things besides this blog. I know. Which is why we take certain liberties when it comes to our “content”: farming it out to friends, making it up or, mainly, just cutting and pasting it from Gchat.

BUT EVAN HAS NO EXCUSE FOR NOT ANSWERING OUR FRIDAY QUESTIONS!!! My tv shows (PLURAL!) happen daily, Claire’s magazine is weekly. Evan? His publication comes out once a month, if even. Plus, he only has to cover one subject–Science! That’s like, the easiest one of all. The Earth is getting hot, Pluto’s not a planet, Stephen Hawkings is smart cause he talks in a robot voice. Done and done. And yet, Friday after Friday, Evan lets us down by ignoring our questions and breaking the hearts of tens of twenties of our weblog readers. To add insult to injury, he casually informed us that the latest questions were “lame”.

Now, in retrospect they were. Especially Claire’s (after all, when I promised Evan better questions this week she was suspiciously silent). Let’s take a look at what she asked a few weeks ago… Continue reading

Diversity Training with Drewpreme

2 Apr


DDD: Drew Don't Discriminate

DDD: Drew Don't Discriminate

When we read Drew’s comment about Claire’s mother, Janice:

 Your mom has just surpassed Meredith Vieira on my “Slightly Older Non-Urban Women I’d Like To Drink A 40 & Kick It On The Porch With On A Summer Afternoon” List

We snort-laughed at the thought of Drew, Mer, two rocking chairs and 80 ounces of beer.  What would they talk about?  Where’s there a porch?!  Forget Barack Obama or Halle Berry….THIS is why MLK had a dream.  Obviously, we needed to see the rest of that list.  Drew’s response, after the jump:

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“Life is hard” for Mazall

28 Mar

For some people, life is easy.  For my roomie, life is hard.  This is a compilation of gchats from Mazall this week:

March 26th, 12:40pm
mazall: no one is texting me back
i text like four people this am
ugh life is hard
you should have a life is hard blog

March 26th, 1:51pm
mazall: you know what sucks about <redacted> (among many other things) is that he made one of the best mixes i’ve EVER received
and now i hate that i love it
life is hard

March 26, 2:03pm
mazall: ugh i’m going grey at 26. life is hard.

March 26th, 3:05pm
mazall: omg best rice krispie treat ever. life is not hard.

March 26th, 5:05pm
mazall: i i’m getting corporal tunnel. life is hard
me: sigh
it’s carpal tunnel

March 27th, 3:14pm
mazall: sometimes i don’t like eating dark leafy lettuce. life is hard.

Casual Fridays (alternate title: Bad Idea Jeans)

27 Mar

jeansSo much to say about this topic, so little time left on the 12:30 conference call. (Unlike Claire, I know how to multi-task).

Here’s the theory: I’ve noticed four basic groups of casual Friday goers and anything that can be broken into categories intrigues me.

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Why does my roommate watch such bad TV? I dunno. Let’s ask her.

25 Mar

BleakhouseJoining us today is my partner in all things domestic, Mazall. I love her, without knowing how, or when, or from where. But if I were to file a environmental hostility suit against her in a court of law, Exhibit A would be a simple log of her recently viewed TV shows and movies. This girl is ridic. Never in my life have I lived in such close proximity to multimedia madness. Intervention. Howard’s End. Bleakhouse. Aristocrats (NOT the funny joke one, the Masterpiece Theatre one). True story: 30 minutes into this year’s Superbowl, I rushed home only to find Mazall surrounded by candles in our dark living room watching Barry Lyndon. I shouldn’t even give her a chance to explain, but I’ve worked in media long enough to know that crazy sells. Mazall’s interview, after the jump…

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