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Diversity Training: Music Edition Vol. II

8 Jun

Things I could blog about
1. Conan’s Tonight Show debut is the best thing to happen to television since…well, television
2. Ellen Degeneres’ stand-up special makes me laugh so hard I can’t breathe
3. Everyone on the Upper East Side wears plaid shorts

cuddly and badass

cuddly and badass at the same time

Things I will blog about instead
1. Me.
2. Drew.
3. Music.

We decided that the second round of Diversity Training: Music Edition should cover guilty pleasure songs. You know, the tunes that you try not to love but somehow find yourself singing in the shower, drunkenly requesting at a party, or playing on repeat on your iPod until you get to where you’re going and then you surreptitiously switch to Radiohead so people think you find Thom Yorke’s incessant sing-whining beautiful and artistically valid. Continue reading


This Week in Janice Vol. III

9 Apr

I have so many things to share with the world this week, but Laura and I are watching Teen Witch right now and I’m too fascinated by the fact that the star of a 1989 teen film is the older sister of Blake Lively to remember what they are. They’re sisters but they’re 15 years apart. That’s a lot of “apart.” One of them must have been a hasty, unplanned mishap (probably Blake – they were so surprised, they couldn’t even think of a girl’s name for her). I’ve never seen this film but Laura considers it an integral part of her childhood and she has been—OH MY GOD, THEY ARE HAVING A RAP-OFF. A rap-off. In the suburbs. While on their way to play tennis. This movie is amaaaazzziiiiing. What was I doing? Oh right, Janice:

Janice in Italy

Janice in Italy

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