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This Week in Janice

14 Jul

I haven’t done one of these in a while, which means I have a LOT of good Janice emails that have been sitting in my inbox waiting to be enjoyed by the masses. Enjoy:



Subj: email etiquette ?
Hi Kiddo- I have a ? I have wanted to ask for ages. My “address book” had people in it by their real names, ’cause I entered them without thinking,but when I cruise the net, there are always people responding to articles and stuff with names like”CatWoman99″-which is a lot more private. I see your pals have their real 1st and last names on their emails responses. Are we all past this fake internet/email name stuff from the 1990’s? Why the “catwoman99@…” if “MarySmith”is in front of it? Is there a way not to be “MarySmith”? Should I retype my address book? Confused by technology. Take care, Love, MOM
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How the Other Half Lives, a new blog series

23 Apr

summer08-015The other half being Claire and myself. So much of the weblog is us interacting with our beautiful and voluminous readers, but rarely do you get to glimpse raw, uncut Claire and Molly interaction. So here it is, our NEW SERIES.

Fine. Actually, I just needed an outlet to show Claire making a real, live, semi-relevant sports reference in casual conversation. Never mind the fact that she can’t spell. Here goes: Continue reading