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My First Lost

22 Jun

or: I feel like if I re-read Lord of the Flies this would all make a lot more sense

the professor was gay

the professor was gay

I’m not very good at watching television. I change channels constantly, I will choose an old Seinfeld episode over something new, and I never remember to DVR anything. I watch TV for instant, mindless gratification and I have almost zero interest in a series that requires regular, sustained devotion. Until, that is, I can watch it on DVD.

Every once in a while, I will rent the first season of a popular show to see what all the fuss is about. Then I get really really into the show and spend an entire weekend lying on the couch in pajamas, eating Pepperidge Farm Goldfish out of the bag and refusing to answer my cell phone until I’ve finished all six seasons of Gilmore Girls and have found out whether sassy-mouthed Lorelei ever found true love. DVD marathons are how I came to know and love such gems as Arrested Development, Mad Men and Twin Peaks, the latter of which remains my favorite DVD-watching experience ever. In fall 2005, (college friend) Megan and I became so consumed by the creepy genius of Twin Peaks that we actually coordinated our schedules so that we could watch the show together (usually while eating donuts).
Because of my “wait ‘til it comes out on DVD” philosophy, I’m always at least one season behind a show’s devoted fan base. Sometimes I’m years (Six Feet Under) or decades (Northern Exposure) too late. So it’s not surprising that I’m just now getting around to watching Lost.
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