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Best of the Decade: Television

8 Dec
Television is good for you

Television is good for you

In just a few short weeks, the 00s will be over. With it will go our youth, our innocence, our good looks, our days of underage drinking and our fears of a belated Y2K meltdown. We here at We Have Internets (man, we should have thought of a better blog name) have decided to celebrate the decade the same way as every other newspaper, magazine, website, blog, Twitter feed and diary entry out there:  With a series of top 10 lists.  Each list will be brought to you by a different blogger.  Marc is first with the Top 10 TV Shows of the 2000s.

Criteria: The television show had to start sometime between 2000-2009 with the exception of The Sopranos and West Wing because Marc argued that they didn’t hit their stride until this decade. I consented because, eh, what the hell. No one reads this blog anyway.

List-maker’s Qualifications: Marc is a lonely, lonely man who watches a lot of TV.

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