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Claire v. Marc: Lady Gaga is hot v. Lady Gaga is not hot

1 Jul

I'd hit that...but she'd probably hit me back.

Claire: Lady Gaga is hot

Marc: Lady Gaga is NOT hot.

Claire: I challenge you to a blog duel

Marc: I accept, you harlot. Continue reading


If You Steal My Sunshine…

26 Jun

Maz's "glow"

The only One of the perks of my job is getting unsolicited SWAG (STUFF WE ALL GET) that I then take home and rub in Mazall’s face.  Like today, when I showed her a bunch of beauty products sent to me.  “I want some!” she cried.  Most of them were self-tanning lotion, leading to the following conversation: Continue reading

Khaki is Backi !

20 May

I don’t really want to blog about how khaki is trendy again.  Fashion journalism is way boring and I’d rather be shopping.  Basically, I just wanted to use that clever headline before anyone from Vogue did.

That’s all.  Back to Russia!

Three’s Company

28 Apr

But who is Janet?

We realized that this blog features a lot of two-person interaction—me and Molly, or Molly and Mazall, sometimes even Mazall and Aggy—but rarely have you delighted in seeing three of us together. It’s a shame, really. We have a a bond, a dynamic chemistry not often found among friends. We’re like Martin and Lewis (and Mazall), French and Saunders (and Mazall), or Fry and Laurie (and Mazall). To remedy that (also because it is a workday and we don’t have time for real blogging), here is a brief example of what happens when your three favorite Havers-of-Internets get together: Continue reading

My Little Hipster

21 Apr

Hi, how are you? I’m fine. Wait, no I’m not. I’m not fine at all. I’m totally and completely appalled by this:

These fine specimens of unflattering beige blandness are American Apparel’s $72 fake riding pants. Breeches, if you will. For the Craigslist loft-subletting Williamsburg hipster who is trying desperately to recreate the youthful feelings she once had for the Saddle Club book series. Anyone who wears this is a poser. Continue reading

Alyssa: Anything BUT Status Quo

2 Jun
Alyssa's new status message: NOT SINGLE TONIGHT!

Alyssa's new status message: NOT SINGLE TONIGHT!

Status messages on Gmail or Facebook (wait, shouldn’t Claire be writing this?) reveal a lot about a person.  Everyone has their own style, their own unique way of telling the world what’s up.  Claire’s typically have to do with me (UGH MOLLY!) or journalism (reading about pampered pets for a Q&A tomorrow. Question one: WTF? Question two: Stop it).   Drew’s are either rap lyrics or hilarious (Drew…is gonna go shirtless with a cold one in the driveway. You think property values are down now? Just you wait).  Mazall’s are foreign and minimalistic (le sigh), while Mene’s and Evan’s just never change.  Ever.

But no one compares to Alyssa.  Those lucky enough to see her name at the left side of their Gmail screen are given SERIOUS access to Alyssa’s brain, for good or for bad, because nothing is off-limits.  A random sampling of Alyssa’s topical range…. Continue reading

Diversity Training with Drewpreme: The Advice Column

16 Apr
Here for you

Here for you

Okay people, stop being so jealous of the post-racial, divinely platonic, earth-shatteringly cool relationship Drew and I have. I’m sorry your friends suck so much. Anyway, this week, Drew has agreed to answer all of YOUR diverse questions, to “spread the wealth” so to speak. Just like Obama!!!! Here we go, Drewpreme. A thousand apologies in advance…

Um, is it appropriate to have Suri Cruise’s haircut at 26? Is that desirable?

Drew: I’m gonna have to say the Nay-No on that one, unless you particularly like imitating the visages of a soulless anti-Christ. I’m convinced that she has no soul, is the first successful cloned human (that was revealed to the public), and that dastardly mop of hers just hides the Scientology logo that’s branded into her skull à la Damian in “The Omen” (1976). In fact she resembles the little hell spawn… So please abstain from all things Suri Cruise. I even regret being photoshopped over her on the Vanity Fair cover…



Continue reading