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6 Aug

So, Facebook has this “feature” that, apparently, I’m the last to discover.  When you’re stalking someone on someone’s page, you can click a link and get taken to an e-summary of your relationship.  This summary is based solely on Facebook activity between the two of you.

According to Mr. Zuckerberg, Claire and I have been friends since August of 2007, although I didn’t like her until May 2008.  I know this because I still have the ballot from when we voted on it (inside joke!).

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If you have to be at work for 24 hours….

29 Jul

…you might as well be working on a piece about this concert?

I think George Harrison is my favorite Beatle.  Even though he’s the “quiet one” and I’m not.

Hand Fame

23 Feb

Somehow*, Claire and I got on the topic of that red carpet magazine party she went to a few years ago.  You know, the one where she made out with Lou Reed or whatever.  Anyway, she was bemoaning the fact that her photo slaves peeps never found a photo of the two of them from it.  I, being the superior investigative journalist, decided to do some digging.  Ladies and gentlemen of the blaudience (that means blog-audience), I give you….Claire’s hand.




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Have You Seen My Netflix Street Cred?

8 Jul

Mazall Antoinette

No?  Well, that makes sense.  Because Mazall destroyed it.

You see, once upon a time, I controlled my movie-watching destiny.  I added various titles to my queue.  They were speedily mailed to me, opened with anticipation.  Some were watched immediately (Little Big League !) and some were neglected for weeks, returned unseen (W.).   I rated them all with glee, waiting with awe to see what Netflix would next recommend.  Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home?  Seen it, but damn you Netflix, you know me so well.  Factory Girl?  Because I enjoyed Blow and Almost Famous?  I’ll take it!  Throw in anything involving Penelope Cruz while you’re at it.

Then, God gave man the wonderful gift of Instant Movies on Netflix, and my heart leaped up even higher.  Now, I could watch a cornucopia of cinematic hits/misses on my laptop, from the comfort of my own bed.

Enter: Trojan Horse.

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Do They Make Movies About What YOU Do For A Living?

1 Jun

Well..maybe they do.  There are a lot of movies.  But now there is one about producing morning TV!  Look, Rachel  McAdams makes no money and has no life and is always stressed–aren’t you JEALOUS?!

LOST Series Finale Recap

24 May

Spoiler Alert.

Khalil: you watch that sh*t show last night?
me: ugh
Khalil: should i take that as a yes?
me: yes
Khalil: ugh
me: bah
Khalil: yup


6 May

Who let Gary Busey make a baby?

Bringing up Busey