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Antelope v. Reindeer

8 Jul

Some people mix them up, okay?  They both frolic, they both have horn things, they both think the caribou totally sold out…  I’m sure I can’t be the only person in the world to get them confused when requesting their likeness on a cake pop.  Sigh.  If only there was a scientist or something to explain the difference….  Wait, is it…Friday?

Molly:  hi.  do you have anyone at your institution who could explain what the difference between a reindeer and an antelope is? Continue reading


Mazzy or Aggy…the 1/11/11 edition

11 Jan

After a brief hiatus, this series returns with its typical stumper: who is committing the following crimes?  Roommate Mazzy?  Or dog Aggy?

Leave your answers in the comments and you could win either Mazzy or Aggy!!!!!! Continue reading

Baby Got Front

14 Jul

From The Sun UK

So, as you can see from this picture, Sheyla Hershey has a great personality.  A really, really great one.  On a scale from 1 – 10, I’d give it a 38KKK.

Oh.  She also has the world’s largest breasts, and recently got sick because of it or something.

Claire didn’t really care about that.  “Damn,” she said.   “I don’t think I have enough chest skin to stretch over something like that.”

Unlike most of the things Claire says, that’s actually a valid point.

PAGING DR. MD!  Continue reading

Aggy or Mazzy? Installment tres.

20 May

Aggy or Mazzy: likes to lick the carpet?

And we’re back with more questions….Is it our roommate (mazzy) or is it our dog (aggy)?  YOU DECIDE!

1.  Bathes in organic, lavender-scented shower gel?

2.  Entire body is brushed nightly?

3.  Can’t pronounce cadaver?

4.  Is strangely attracted to any man we bring to the apartment?

5.  Won’t let us photograph said Body Brushing?

Answers to the previous Aggy or Mazzy after the jump… Continue reading

Notes from the Dog-walker

19 May

Is it the present day and are we still alive?


Then it’s time for a NEW blog series!!!

Every day, Claire’s dog walker leaves a note detailing that day’s walk with Aggy*.  We now take it upon ourselves to create better notes than the ones he leaves reprint them here.

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Cuddle With This

17 May

We went to a restaurant and Claire almost ate this:

While we are on the subject of cats and creeps…

4 May


Yes, the picture to the right is a little blurry.  But I’m no Ansel Adams (especially not on a shaky crosstown bus when my only “camera” is on my blackberry.  Also, I don’t like nature).  What you are looking at is a woman with the word “ugh” tattooed on her ankle, above a picture of a quirky cat.


The whole point of this word is its snarkiness.  Its cynicism.  We who utter it possess a simultaneous acceptance and rejection of whatever lemons life may hand.  But when you put this sacred word above felix the cat, in permanent ink, ON YOUR BODY, I feel like it loses some of its meaning.  Unless this woman was doing a little point/counterpoint exercise:

Point: Ugh, I’m single
Counterpoint: This cat fetish is the reason why.

(P.S. No, this is not Mazall.  She has slightly better shoe taste)