Living the Life

7 Mar

For some reason, people have decided that living in New York is glamorous. “Oh, your life must be so glamorous!” they say to me sometimes. “You live in Manhattan and work in a tall office building, I bet you go to cocktail parties every night!” This is not true, of course. I did go to a party this weekend, but it was in New Jersey and halfway through the night someone poured beer all over a bag of bagels.

So what is living in New York really like? See if you can guess which thing didn’t happen to me this weekend. Did I….


– eat someone else’s leftover pasta because it was free

– argue with a homeless man because I wouldn’t give him $5 in exchange for a hug

– watch a man drop his sandwich on the subway floor, pick it up, and continue to eat it

– get pooped on by a pigeon


One Response to “Living the Life”

  1. Molly March 8, 2011 at 5:09 am #

    My ziti?!?!

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