Annual List of Incredible Halloween Ideas

14 Oct

As I say every year (read: last year), this is my version of philanthropy.  It’s all I’ve got and, hey, it caused me to surface on this blog again. So really, stop complaining.

1.  Antoine Dodson

2.  Rachel Maddow

3.  Oil-Soaked Pelican

4.  Ke$ha

5.  Faisal Shahzad

6. Katy Perry and Elmo

7.  Tiger and all his Mistresses

8.  New Joaquin Phoenix vs. Old Joaquin Pheonix

9.  Old Spice Commercial Guy *especially good if you have a horse

10.  Willow Smith

11. Poorly-dressed Katie Holmes

12.  Russell Brand

13.  Madonna’s daughter

14. New Rihanna

15.  Christine O’Donnell as a witch

16. The Dalai Lama

17. Mark Zuckerberg (adidas sandals necessary)

18.  Kanye West in “Power

19. Kenny Powers

20.  Avatar! Or does no one remember that movie?

21. A Chilean Miner (too soon?) – also works for groups

22.  Bearded Conan!

23. Molly Ringwald or La Roux

Claire’s contribution to this list:  a cow costume, and just be “lady gaga’s meat dress earlier that week”


One Response to “Annual List of Incredible Halloween Ideas”


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