Why Google Voice and I Don’t Get Along

27 Aug

Exhibit A: The following transcription of a voicemail I left Mene.

Hi many, it’s, Molly, I can’t track star driving anymore. And. Hey, it’s me bye, I. I feel like I’m on crack addict and he took away my crack and if you’d like. Like font on my phone and I like the looks at it and that but I feel really guilty. It’s anyway. I just wanted to make sure that you’re okay baby coming over tonight. If you could totally go elsewhere if you want we just have to be in your apartment and I, curious girls and it that night, but I can’t tell, there. We can certainly go elsewhere if there’s on bars that you know. I’m by no means dressed up. So. It can’t be a club. I know you love Club, I So I will get and Max, and I’m wondering, okay. I’ll call you have. Maybe I don’t know who, bring food or not. If you have a lot. If you don’t have to meet up your I think you have a good time here. Just curious. Okay, that’s my question. Don’t text me a call me. Or, you can text me know and if you look or one. Okay i.


Go ahead, say it.

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