If You Steal My Sunshine…

26 Jun

Maz's "glow"

The only One of the perks of my job is getting unsolicited SWAG (STUFF WE ALL GET) that I then take home and rub in Mazall’s face.  Like today, when I showed her a bunch of beauty products sent to me.  “I want some!” she cried.  Most of them were self-tanning lotion, leading to the following conversation:

Molly: I don’t think they make tanning products that are light enough for you.

Mazall:  Probably not.  They just make me look dirty.

Molly:  Ooooh maybe this one.  It’s a Radiant Mousse that will just deliver a shimmer to your face and decolatage.

Mazall: Let’s try it on my upper thigh.

Molly:  Oh..and there you go, smearing it on your legs*. No! The bottle says not to rub it in!

Mazall:  But now it just looks like mud.

Molly:  It will sink in…maybe…

Mazall: If this stuff makes me tan, I will go on national television and say so.

Me:  Well, it’s not going to make you tan.  It’s just going to give you a bronze-y glow.

Mazall:  But I already had a luxurious glow!

Me:  No, you glow in the dark.

Mazall:  How do I get this off my hand?

*Mazall probably would not have done this were she not hungover


3 Responses to “If You Steal My Sunshine…”

  1. mazz June 26, 2010 at 7:20 pm #

    FALSE. I am not hungover. I had a weird allergic reaction to a bug bite and had to take Sudafed.
    That said, I probably wouldn’t have tried it had I not been drugged. The end.

    • mazz June 28, 2010 at 3:53 pm #

      amendment: not a bug bite, but MELON. i’m allergic to melon. bummer.

  2. Claire June 26, 2010 at 10:35 pm #

    I was out of the apartment having a life (ie, trying on shoes that cost more than my rent and then not buying them) when this self-tanning party happened. I came home and discovered that Mazall has a reverse farmer’s tan. Her upper thighs have seen a lot of sun.

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