When Ciara Says “Ride” You Say “Okay”, okay?

3 Jun


Me: Watch this please.
So sexy.
Love her.

Mazall: she is such a babe

Me: fast forward to 1:40

Mazall: her bod is retarded

Me: It’s sick.

Mazall: also it’s a bit Janet Jackson circa ’91

Me: right?
I’m waiting for her to ride a pony.
OMG she is.
Wet tshirt!

Mazall: AHHH i’m there too
haha.  It’s like she surveyed four dudes and asked them their fantasy about women and then she made her music video.

Me: or surveyed us

Mazall: HA

Me: “ATL hat please” – Molly

Mazall: hahaha

Me: “bull riding” – Mazall

Mazall: please.
mine is fur
and bathing suit with heels

Me: how can you be such a man…and then watch Elizabeth eight times a day

or as my mom said LTM*

Me: I wish Ciara was my mom
can i change my wish?

Mazall: lol

Me: please????

Mazall: fine

Me: i wish Ciara was my body

Mazall: DITTO
*eats fruit for a week and jogs everyday*

Me:  *buys new body*
*and fur coat*

(I already have an ATL hat)

Mazall: and loubiton’s!

Me: will you dump water on my shirt?

Mazall: hell yes i will
i like your tatas

Me: why thank you
I am done with this chat now

Mazall: *grabs crotch*


Mazall: LTM

Me: might have to blog this

Mazall: yup

*Email from Mazall explaining ‘LTM’ below

From: Mazall <redacted>

Date: Thu, Jun 3, 2010 at 12:12 PM

Subject: IM from my mom

To: Molly <redacted>, Claire  <redacted>

anna: LTM which means laugh to myself
dinner was excellent
made really good pasta sald
me: LOL = laugh out loud
anna: i know that one but i made up a new one


2 Responses to “When Ciara Says “Ride” You Say “Okay”, okay?”

  1. Johannes Rafael Guttierez Ramirez III June 4, 2010 at 8:55 pm #

    LTM the entire video- White girls bumpin’ Ciara and Luda in a 2nd story Harlem apartment- that’s what my idea was when I directed this video for Ms. Ciara. She wasn’t too keen on the fur coat and swimsuit idea, but I coaxed her in to it with the promise of a mechanical bull and some jazzy footwork inspired by Fed Astaire….That’s just how we “ride” down here in the dirty dirty……


  1. Claire v. Marc: Lady Gaga is hot v. Lady Gaga is not hot « Claire & Molly’s World Wide Weblog - July 1, 2010

    […] about Katy Perry’s whipped cream boobs, not women who dress up like monsters. They want to watch Ciara ride it. They don’t want to wear high heels and play rough with a short-haired […]

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