Aggy or Mazzy? Installment tres.

20 May

Aggy or Mazzy: likes to lick the carpet?

And we’re back with more questions….Is it our roommate (mazzy) or is it our dog (aggy)?  YOU DECIDE!

1.  Bathes in organic, lavender-scented shower gel?

2.  Entire body is brushed nightly?

3.  Can’t pronounce cadaver?

4.  Is strangely attracted to any man we bring to the apartment?

5.  Won’t let us photograph said Body Brushing?

Answers to the previous Aggy or Mazzy after the jump…

Mazall emailed us about the grilled cheese, not the dog.  I got stuck making it.  Thanks, Claire.


One Response to “Aggy or Mazzy? Installment tres.”

  1. Marc May 29, 2010 at 4:58 am #

    1. Mazzy
    2. Aggy
    3. Aggy
    4. Mazzy
    5. Mazzy

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