People other than MLK also have dreams

9 Oct

Kool-AidManClaire: ps, i had a dream the other night that for halloween i dressed up as the Kool Aid guy

Molly: OMG OMG i will help buy it

Claire: i dont want that costume, i dont want something bulky.  but i did dream it


Claire: and in the dream i walked around going “OH YEAH”
yeah but staplers are cool

Molly: are they KOOL though?

Claire: FAIL
(sees Molly has posted a Kool-aid picture on facebook and tagged Claire)
that is some fast facebooking

Molly: I KNOW!
i found it so easily
the only problem is:
this is not the only time i have googled that strange red koolaid man
cause it showed up in my search history
and now i kinda remember something

Claire: about wanting kool aid?

Molly: perhaps an argument with someone
but i cant quite figure it out
so…I’m just sitting here thinking

Claire: was it on whether he smiled? or had condensation?

Molly: i think it was if he drank himself
or just held onto himself

Claire: i dont think he can drink himself, that would be gross

Molly: well, dogs lick themselves
he’s not really HUMAN
and it’s obvious that he is 90% kool aid and 10% glass/eyes

Claire: and 110% attitude

Molly: oh. mg
so 90s
love it

Claire: maybe i could be smokey the bear

Molly: unless he drinks water and has an endless supply of paper pakets of mix
i think he probably DOES drink himself
so, in essence, he is the perfect mascot

Claire: he is self-replenishing

Molly: in fact, i would be a bit appalled if he DIDN’T drink himself
because then why should we??
does he Pee?
should we ask nick?

Claire: but that’s like the commercial where one of the M&Ms eats the other M&M
it’s kind of creepy

Molly: no but those were two different kinds
peanut and plain
and then that horny one
but this is him drinking the EXACT same kind
look at the jug
who’s that guy who said to solve poverty the poor should eat their babies?

Claire: jonathan swift

Molly: YES

Claire: a modest proposal

Molly: koolaid man is like that guy’s dream

Claire: wait so the tiny pitcher is his baby?

Molly: yep.  there he is with his little baby.
drinkin’…or about to

Claire: he’s obviously pro-choice then

Molly:  or cash strapped

Claire: hungry


Claire: i bet he has diabetes

Claire: this needs to be blogged

Molly: ohhh.  yeah.


Molly: NO ! NO!

Molly: yes


4 Responses to “People other than MLK also have dreams”

  1. mazall October 9, 2009 at 2:24 pm #

    do your bosses know you get paid to talk about the kool aid man?

    • mazall October 9, 2009 at 2:57 pm #

      to further that… does mine know i get paid to read your blog? sigh.

  2. Marc October 9, 2009 at 4:22 pm #

    I have been talking about going as the Kool Aid Man for YEARS. Except I’m lazy and too incompetent to make the costume. The key is to have two sidekicks dressed up as brick walls. That way wherever you go you can burst through a brick wall when you pull your “OH YEAH!!!” manuever.

    • Molly October 9, 2009 at 4:30 pm #


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