This Week in Janice: The Birthday Cake

7 Sep

cakeI know, I know. We haven’t been updating the blog. The problems is that we have lives work too much and when we’re not working we’re writing our first novels training for a marathon watching TV in pajamas. It’s hard being unproductive, but somebody’s gotta do it. Unfortunately, the dearth of blog posts means that you’ve missed a number of great Janice moments, such as the birthday cake episode.

I visited my mom in mid-August, right around my birthday. My mom bought me a delicious hazelnut mousse cake because she’s nice like that. I had a slice of cake on the first night of my visit, but I’m not a big cake person so I didn’t eat it again. I returned to New York and one day later—about four days after the initial cake purchase—I received this email:

Date: 8/17/09
Subj: your birthday cake went bad

Just got my money back from [the bakery]
I thought I would eat the last of the Bday cake for lunch, after a sandwich, since the package was dated 8/19- it should still be good, right?TODAY’S THE 17TH.  Icing looked fine. I took a big bite and swallowed and went Yuck- flavor was funky-the bottom of the cream filing was a lovely shade of blue green- call it lots of “Teal Mold”–Double Yuck. So I rushed over there and showed it to Pete the Store Manager. Also called (Redacted) to make sure I wasn’t going to die.
You didn’t eat any of the cake yesterday did you? I don’t think I had any- but —it should have been not so good for you yesterday too.

PS: How do we enter 411 and 911 onto iphone Contacts list? I thought 911 was supposed to-by law-come up on all cell phones automatically? Am I not seeing them?
Date: 8/18/09
Subj: birthday cake

Survived cake “poisoning“!!

Date: 8/19/09
Subj: birthday cake attacked me last nite
Just warning you- I threw up in middle of night. 1:58AM. Tummy ache and chills/sweats this morning. (What do I expect from taking a bite of TEAL green MOLD ?) Which is making me stupid: How do I access voicemail messages on new IPhone? Love, MOM


3 Responses to “This Week in Janice: The Birthday Cake”

  1. molly September 8, 2009 at 11:25 pm #

    As usual, I have no words to describe my love for Janice.

  2. Drewpreme September 9, 2009 at 2:19 pm #

    But wait? An update? Be still my beating heart.

    Step it up ladies. 😉

  3. Marc September 9, 2009 at 11:27 pm #

    This post makes me absurdly hungry whenever I look at it.

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